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​Our Story

Things are not always Sweet…

In the summer of 2013, I lost my job after 17 years of employment.  What I didn’t realize is that day would be a blessing in disguise.

After a few months of job hunting, I was no longer motivated to finding employment in my chosen career.  It was at this point, I decided to explore my lifelong dream and passion to open an eatery.

In September 2013, my family and I started to research the industry.  I entered into a program called SEAP through unemployment. This program led me to organizations such as SCORE. 

After months of research, mentor-ship, seminars and internships we founded Sweet & Savory Café.

The idea was born back in 1922.  This was the year my grandmother was born.  She was a great example and inspiration.  She was a chef who brought joy to so many mouths in her life time.  Our thought was to try to create that same level of warmth.  So, we thought ‘Sweet & Savory’ .

Now we needed to figure out logistics.  In the spring of 2014, we found the perfect location for the cafe.  We decided it should be in our very own community.   We set out to accomplish two goals in the process of establishing Sweet & Savory:

  • Invest in giving back to our community and its future.
  • Let people know there are no dead-ends, stay positive and work toward your dreams

In June 2014, we started the renovation of Sweet & Savory Cafe.  After several contractors, many inspections, hours, tears, laughter, sweat, and dollars ….we opened Sweet & Savory Cafe in December of 2014!

Building Dreams & Community

one Sip at a time

​​Sweet & Savory Cafe