​​Sweet & Savory Cafe

Arts & Books

Sweet and Savory Café is more than just great coffee or somewhere to catch a delicious  bite.  We are small part of a larger community trying to make a difference. We hope that through food, art, books and culture we can come together as a community and share the experience.

Our book program includes:
Sweet Book Signings – We invite aspiring as well as new authors the opportunity to introduce their books by hosting book signings. Please contact us at (516) 543-4900 to book.

Our arts program includes:
Jazz Sunday Brunch - SnS Cafe host Sunday Jazz Brunch 2x monthly during peak season. The brunch gives local professional artist an opportunity to showcase their music talents while offering our guest the best Long Island has to offer in food and entertainment. Contact Sweet & Savory if you're interested in showcasing.   

The Grind - Join us on scheduled Summer Fridays for all that is new in music and coffee.  Sweet & Savory brings to you our songbird PhoenX and other musical guest. Subscribe to our FB events for more information and dates.

Vibe - ​Join us next summer for vibe. The 1st Friday of the month with music, drinks and beautiful people.   "Fridays are the hippest night of the week". 

Paint & Sip - SnS Cafe host paint nights led by a professional artist. Be creative, have fun and learn to paint in one evening.  Subscribe to our FB events for more information and dates.

Art display – We will look to our community to locate the most talented artist and exhibit their work in the café. We believe that creativity fosters growth. *Unless otherwise noted, all art is available for purchase, with 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the work going directly to the artist and the remaining 50% to a selected charity.

Sweet & Savory Café is proud to be part of the Baldwin community.  We are driven to provide the best through food, drinks, comfort, books, art and service. Watch out for other art, book and culture events...such as Dining in the Dark, Open mic, Wine tastings, Aphrodisiac Pairing, Tapas nights and much more.

Sweet & Savory Café developed a book and arts program based on the importance both play in our lives.  We want to help encourage children to read and explore their creative sides.  We know that with both books and art success is endless.

Sweet & Savory Café encourage our youth to continue to grow and develop through reading, creativity, determination and hard work!